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17/01/2017: Spirit of 76

Nigel Taylor writes that it has been a busy few months at Detroit Spinner Racing HQ. The team had to wait for parts etc but after a few headaches they appear to be on target for a return with the Ford Prefect driven by Arthur Bonner, who will reach the tender age of seventy six come July:

555 ci Dart power should liven up the Prefect no end. It is still running its rare Fairbanks Turbo 400 gearbox. The initial fire-up took place last weekend, with everything kicking into life as it should and decent oil pressure. We are now looking forward to being out in April to test and tune the forty plus-year-old race car with the original builder back behind the wheel. The team have a few back-up drivers just in case: Justin Horne of Joust Performance, Col Law, Graham Smith, Colin Millar, Kelvin Helsdown, Andy Frost, Michael Hawkins, Bob Hancox, Dave Fulton, Paul Dale and our top crewman Jeff Goddard being a few. So we should have it covered! Thanks to all my family, the sponsors, the crew and Eurodragster.com for all their coverage and banter.

Paul Dale and the Acute Angle team with the had a very successful year with the 105e in the Supercharged Outlaws. He was well-pleased with his low ET of 9.3 seconds, especially when Peter Knight Race Engines stripped the motor down to find not one lobe left on the camshaft. A new Dart Small Block, built at Peter Knight's, will be going in and with the rear end gearing also changed from 4:56 to 4:1 and a step up on nitrous the little Anglia hopes to be wheeling into the eight second zone.

Photo courtesy of Mike Burrowes.

Paul would also like to send special thanks to his family, friends and the whole of the Supercharged Outlaws who have welcomed him in to the class. Special thanks from both teams to Paul's dad Steve Dale, who got us hooked on the crazy sport and who swore that he wouldn't get involved again. See you in the pits again soon Dad!

Story courtesy of Eurodragster.com