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10/01/2017: Lucas Oil Named as Lane Sponsor

An agreement with Lucas Oil gives the US oil manufacturer branding rights over the left lane at the Shakespeare County Raceway. The move formalises a working relationship with the Warwickshire drag strip that stretches back for over five years.

Lucas Oil the US manufacturer of oils, lubricants and additives has confirmed that it will be the official sponsor of the left lane at the Raceway this coming season in addition to Serck Motorsports continued support of the right lane sponsorship now entering a third year.

Photo courtesy of Peter Donaldson.

SCR’s Jerry Cookson says that most of the teams already use Lucas Oil and because so many of them are sponsored in some form or another by the American lubricants giant, it will make a lot of drivers and teams feel at home, "Lucas Oil has been a prominent supporter of this family run drag strip for over five years. What this agreement does is formalise our working relationship. It identifies the Shakespeare County Raceway name with a brand that’s associated with motorsports, worldwide."

A full calendar of events for the 2017 season include the MSA Springspeed (29 April-1 May) and Open Sport Nationals (26-28 August) counting towards the season long UK National Drag Racing Championship. These feature a spectacular line up of fast dragsters, altereds and doorslammers. The always popular hot rodding events start in June (23-25) with the Nostalgia Nationals and end with the Hot Rod Drags in September (15-17). Both events are supported by the National Street Rod Association, which is one of the oldest hot rodding clubs in the UK. These are all supported by a full programme of Public Track Weekend RWYBs as well as the relaunch of the Pro Street Drag Series for Japanese and European performance cars.

Photo courtesy of Mike Burrowes.

With large numbers of cars expected to be bearing the Lucas Oil logo, a successful season is almost guaranteed. However, the additive and lubricants manufacturer plans to use the venue to promote new products for racers and new products for fans of the sport to use in their own cars and motorcycles.

Lucas Oil is set to announce a new Racing Oil range in January 2017, new oils for family cars and a new all-purpose additive for engines and fuel systems, called Complete Engine Treatment. Lucas Oil Products managing director Les Downey said, "Motorsport fans drive cars and motorcycles to get to and from the drag strip. They all use oils and although not all of them know it, they need to use additives, too. We will be making that point strongly, throughout the season.

"The Lucas Oil brand is associated with motorsport and with motorsport winners. Our new product schedule for 2017 is under way, so this agreement to sponsor the left lane at Shakespeare County Raceway comes at the right time, is in the right place and is perfect timing for us."